Thursday, May 07, 2009

Our Almost 4-year-old

Today we had an impromtu 3-year-old well child visit for Josiah. It was late because his previous well child visits were late also. I just happened to call this morning to ask about some of his recent symptoms as he was sick with a fever and stuffy nose yesterday and decided to schedule the well child visit. Our doctor happened to have an open time that day, which was surprising! David took him because as it happens, his company has a policy of late that if anyone in your family has a fever and flu-like symptoms that they are required to stay at home for 3-5 days or until a doctor clears that person for the swine flu. Josiah was given a note saying he did not have it, which David can then take to work.

At the doctor, Josiah at first didn't want to cooperate (as usual) and so Daddy had to weigh himself first and then hold him to get his weight. He was afraid to stand up to get his height, but somehow they managed to get that too. He weighs about 38 1/2 pounds now and is in the 75% for weight. He is 3 feet 5 inches tall and is in the 90% for height. He is a tall little boy! And I am sure that all his activity accounts for his lower weight, though it isn't that bad either. The doctor asked the normal questions about his eating habits, bathroom habits, etc. and when David asked Josiah, "How many times do you go poopers during the day?" He answered, "20,000 minutes," which of course got a nice laugh out of the doctor. He also apparently impressed her by doing a headstand with no hands holding the ground has he braced himself with his legs on the chairs on either side of him.

Later that day, Grandma made a surprise visit and as we were telling her that the doctor was really pleased with his language skills she said, "Well, I am not surprised!" Josiah promptly added, "I'm not surprised either!!" Touche! So sweet...our oldest pumpkinhead! He is becoming quite the little helper around the house. His main job is letting the dog out and then back in for me. He also opens doors for me and locks them when I need him to. He also fetches things I need when I have the babies in hand and FINALLY he is to a place where he comes willingly with me from whatever "fun place" we go to during the day. He used to throw fits every time we would leave a friend's house, the gym, or the library, et. al. Now I say, "It's time to go Josiah, get your shoes on." And to my great delight....he obeys and doesn't throw a fit! Now that is progress! We still struggle a bit getting him to treat his brothers gently. He runs down the hall and bumps into them and knocks them down and then reports, "He fell down by himself." Yeah.....riiiiight. So as you can see there is room for improvement, but hey don't we all have things we need to work on?

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Daniel and Natalie said...

I think the fit stage is an age thing. Evie is right in the middle of it now. We dragged her out of the park the other day kicking and screaming! ;)Hooray for being almost four!