Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grandma's B-day Fun!

Here is Grandma reading her b-day card from Josiah and the boys. Josiah wasn't too thrilled that I had the camera out as you can see, but he was very proud to have her open the card he helped pick out. At the store, he kept grabbing any random card and asking, "Can we get this one?" I answered once, "No that one is for a wife," and he said, "What's a wife?" So then I explained I am Daddy's wife. He proceeded to pick other cards that wouldn't be appropriate until I finally asked him not to touch the cards anymore.

Grandma requested a pie for her birthday, and so I made her one of my homemade apple pies. I was thinking at first that I would just take the heart cookie cutter and have Josiah help me make the top covered in hearts, but then I thought it would be even more fun to break out the letters and other shapes to decorate it instead. You see here Grandma's name on the top, with one big heart in the middle, three little hands for her grandchildren, many music notes, a butterfly, a flower, and a teddy bear as well. It tasted very nice and it was fun for Josiah to help make it as well.

Josiah was asleep when Grandma arrived and David thought it would be fun to take a picture of him as he looked so stylish while sleeping!

After dinner, we brought the boys outside to play and Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed watching them have fun outdoors. Daniel likes to climb up the slide and then go down again as well as he also loves to ride in the bumblebee swing. He also likes to climb the stairs on the deck whenever possible.

Caleb was traipsing all around the yard trying to get Josiah's ball whenever he could and you can see here that he was successful!

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Mary Janelle said...

Beautiful pie, Heather!