Saturday, May 30, 2009

Family Outings and Fun

We went to Bradley Lake park today and took a walk around the lake on the paved trail. Josiah said his favorite part was going through the "jungle" AKA forest of trees.
I said, "I bet you can't climb that tree," And of course, he could! And he gave me his cute, squinty smile to boot!

Here is Daniel with his "Future C.E.O." shirt. He wanted to pick up all the sticks and random bits on the path. He even went for a used cigarette butt. Ick!!

Caleb wanted to be out of the stroller almost immediately and loved walking hand in hand with Daddy until he finally got too tired to walk.

This is Josiah at Bradley Lake park on a different day that I took him there and he is enjoying riding on the teeter toter.

I snapped this one of Caleb-ee the other day when he was playing around on the piano.

Here is Caleb again at the Eatonville Park when we visited Grandma and Grandpa last Monday. He was checking himself out in the mirror. :)

Daniel was thrilled to find TWO steering wheels to turn at once here again at the Eatonville Park.

I had to include this shot, though it isn't the clearest. Caleb had stolen Daniel's drink and of course had his own as well and you see Daniel in the forefront crying about it. Grandma was getting off the couch to assist, hence her pop can and hand in the shot.

Here is a very sweet picture of little Caleb boy with Daniel behind him. He just had the sweetest expression here! This is in Grandma and Grandpa's window.

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Jee Hamburg said...

I love seeing the photos of the boys. They have grown so much. We'll have to get together before they graduate high school! Hope you and David are doing well. Take care.