Thursday, June 04, 2009

New Activities

The twins are quite fond of playing the piano these days. Daniel especially will sit for long spells playing the electric piano, pushing all the buttons and such. He gets irritated when one of the demo songs plays because I think it scares him a bit. The other day he was playing two handed going from low to high and leaned a bit too far and fell right off the piano bench. He wasn't hurt and it was just too funny looking back now. It was like a comedy routine or something!

After a long day of fun in the sun, Josiah hit the hay underneath the kitchen table with squirt gun in hand. I transferred him to the chair and then later to his bed and he slept all night. He fell asleep around 5pm, which is very early for him, so he must have been really tired. The other day I was reading him a story from the Bible about widows and orphans and began to explain what a widow was. I told him that if Daddy died that I would be a widow and that I would be sad and lonely, which is why God asks us to be kind to widows. He looked at me with a big smile and said, "When I'm 4...I'll be your honey." I call David "honey" a lot, so he was essentially saying he would be my new husband. I told him with a smile, "Oh sweetie, you could never be my honey, but you will always be my special little boy!"

I introduced crayons to the twins the other day. Daniel would draw for a bit and then try to eat the crayons, so I put in his pacifier to provide an extra barrier to crayon eating. Caleb as you can see decided to taste test the crayons also. Caleb was more interested in grabbing as many crayons as he could and made a huge mess with them. That was about the time I decided that "craft time" for the day was over.

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