Monday, June 29, 2009

Josiah's 4th Birthday--Part One

We went to the Rainforest Cafe again this year AKA "The Jungle Restaurant" for Josiah's birthday. We have made it a tradition to go there with just us and him and we have left the brothers with a babysitter, so that it is just a special time for him. This year we prepped him again that all the animals except the fish were fake, but he was still too scared to get near the alligator. Daddy told him to point at the alligator and you can see that even his pointer finger is nervously positioned on Daddy's shoulder so as not to give the alligator any reason to bite it off.

We told the waitress that it was Josiah's birthday and so later she brought a small sundae and the other waitresses came and sang a "Happy Birthday" rendition restaurant-style. As you can see he immediately became shy and hid under the table.

He got a milkshake in this special lighted cup that he really enjoyed. We have some funny pictures of his various faces while drinking the milkshake too. Josiah requested we sit by the fish again as he was "too scared" to sit next to the elephants or the gorillas. He wouldn't even let me walk him over by the gorillas for fear of them. There is also this talking tree called "Tracy the Tree" that literally scares you to death if you aren't expecting it to talk. When you walk by her in the gift shop, she will all of a sudden cue this jungle music and start chit chatting with you. Josiah was scared of Tracy too.

Here Daddy is telling Josiah about the various fish in the tank. He loved looking at them throughout the course of the meal. I think overall this year, he fared much better at the restaurant and though he said he was scared, he really wasn't as frightened as last year.

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