Friday, June 19, 2009

Trains, Twigs & Tons of Fun

The new fun place to play is in this pop up Thomas the Train tent. Josiah began knocking it over by laying on the sides, and the twins followed suit by knocking it over often also. My babysitters decided to try putting their little picnic table in the front end to help keep it upright and that seems to help them from trying to knock it over all the time. What is it with boys and destroying things anyway? Here you see the three boys in the train, playing with Choo'tch the Train. Josiah very reluctantly allowed the twins to share the three pieces of the train and kept switching who got what part throughout their play time with it. I have a whole series of these pictures with all the various combinations.

The other day for something fun, Josiah and I made a train sandwich. I saw the idea in a book that we have for the twins. We used peanut butter and jelly for the colors of the train, bananas for the wheels, and raisins for the cargo. Josiah eagerly devoured the whole sandwich and fruit.

The twins make a habit of tasting most every little twig, flower or sometimes even rocks when they explore in the back yard. Here you see Caleb tasting a dandelion head, and from his expression I think we can all assume it didn't taste all that good. I also think the "Me So Hungry" shirt fits in this case as apparently no food is off limits for this one. One of Caleb's new funny things is that we ask him what a cat says and utters a very cute "Rraaawwr" which sort of sounds like "wow" but with an "r" on the front.

Our little Daniel boy is so sweet. He is pictured here by the sandbox. In the last two days he has managed to fall and scrape his head twice and his nose as well. Poor little guy! He has some little boy wounds to show for it. Daniel is the one who typically tries to taste rocks. To my knowlege he has never swallowed one though thankfully. We have discovered that the twins both really enjoy listening to music. When we are in the car and I turn on the radio, they both bop their head from side to side, smile really big, and start clapping. I had the radio on a Christian popular station and then later turned on the classical station and Josiah said from the back, "I want my loud music on, I don't like soft music."

Here is Josiah with his little buddy Hannah one day when it was super hot and nice outside. She comes over once a week to play with him while her bigger sisters watch Josiah and the boys.

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