Monday, June 22, 2009

Quick Trip to the Zoo

Before my cousin Lynne and her family left for home after the big event this last weekend, they wanted to go to the Pt. Defiance Zoo. They invited us to join them and so on Sunday, Josiah and I ventured over there to experience the zoo with them for a bit. Over in the KidsZone, there is a big dome where they have goats that you can feed and other fun little activities. Some gals were there with a big chest full of this "safari gear" that kids can dress up in and go "exploring" around the dome area. When they asked Josiah if he wanted to wear the clothes, I thought he would surely refuse, but he very shyly said, "Yeah," and began putting them on. As you can see, it made for a really fun picture! He had a blast using the binoculars, magnifying glass, & compass/watch that were attached to the vest.

We were attempting to get out of the rain for a bit, and Josiah spied these snail shells that he could get in and so he ran over to hide in one of them. I just dropped the camera down a bit and didn't really try and center it and this is what came out. I thought it was a pretty neat shot considering! I was told by a photographer gal once that cutting off heads is OK sometimes for an artistic look or to emphasize certain features more than others. This was an accidental "professional" shot then I guess.

Josiah fed the goats a bit too and my cousin Lynne is in the background with her youngest daughter Renna in the pink coat. Renna just LOVED feeding the goats and kept getting upset when her mom didn't give her the goat pellets fast enough. A couple of times the goats tried to go for Josiah's hat too and I think Renna's jacket was eyed once or twice too!

When we were touring the aquarium, the sunny weather turned into a downpour, but thankfully we stayed very dry. Once the rain subsided a bit, we finished our time at the zoo over in the KidsZone and then afterward we headed back to the parking lot. As you can see, Lily (Lynne's oldest) and Josiah had plenty of energy to spare despite a long stint at the zoo. Both children crashed pretty hard afterward though. Overall, we had a fun time visiting and watching the kiddos enjoy the zoo. Thanks Lynne & Youseef for inviting us! Glad you made it home safe too!

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The Morrissey Family said...

Wow Heather! Those are some of the best pics you have taken of Josiah! He is candidly smiling- he looks so joyful and exuberant. Good for you for venturing out to the zoo- I am often hesitant to go as its so busy and crowded.