Friday, June 19, 2009

Fancy Food!!

Today, I was able to go with David to celebrate with some of his co-workers for his 3-year anniversary lunch. They have these celebratory luncheons at David's workplace at certain intervals of time to reward their long time employees, and the guest of honor gets to choose the restaurant and who to invite. David asked if I could come too this time and it was approved! Yeah! What fun! I ordered this lovely looking dish for my entree. It was Alaskan Halibut with a Thai/Curry flavored sauce (super yum) on top of Jasmine rice and the pea pods on the bottom and sliced cucumber on the top as you see pictured here. The flavor was superb and wasn't too spicy, but had a kick to it.

And here we have something I call.....YUM!!! They call this "Chocolate Lava" and it is a flourless chocolate cake (kind of like a brownie, but better in taste) with caramel, chocolate sauce and whipped cream topping. Yeah for chocolate!!
It was really fun to get to see David interact with some of his co-workers and to get to know them better myself too. I feel a little bit like I know them well since I keep updated on the daily goings-on, but it is fun to talk with them myself too. And did I mention it was real treat to be child-free during the lunch? Thanks, Mom for watching the kiddos!

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