Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Bite of Seattle

As a fun outing, David and I decided to take Josiah to the Bite of Seattle. We got Sharel to babysit the twins at home as we thought it would be too long of a day for them with all the parking, riding busses, and walking places. It turns out that was a really good decision as we had to walk most of the way from our parking place (David's normal work parking spot) to the Seattle Center. We tried to ride the bus, but first it was half an hour late and then once we boarded, the traffic was so bad getting down there that we moved at a snail's pace. At one of the stops, we just got out and walked the rest of the way and managed to beat our bus to the Seattle Center as it turned out. Here above is pictured David and Josiah on this small roller coaster in the kidzone area at the event. These rides are always going here, and so we can come back sometime and do this again if we decide to someday. This was Josiah's first "real" roller coaster and it did go pretty fast for a kiddy ride. This shot is before they started moving. Daddy and Josiah wore their Yankees hats today and Josiah pointed out, "We're twins, Daddy."

If you click on this picture and look closely at Josiah's face you will see a bit of a stricken expression. I took this as they were coming around one of the times. David said he had his hands gripping on the handlebar the whole time! No hands in the air for this boy!

Here is Josiah on the first ride that he chose to go on, this car envoy deal. Later on, we had him go on the bumper cars, but he couldn't get the concept of keeping his foot DOWN on the pedal and so pretty much was stuck in one spot the whole time. He kept pumping his foot and it would inch forward ever so slightly here and there and then he would run into another car and get stuck. After this, my camera battery died....booo! Another highlight though was that we all rode the gondola ride (AKA Ferris wheels for families) and got to see all the sights of the area from way up high. As for the actual "Bite of Seattle" we had to quickly pick a place to eat as I was starving by the time we got to the actual site. We chose a fish and chips place as that seemed the easiest place to get to in the crowd, though if I could have spent more time choosing I would have enjoyed a Mexican place or a Thai place. It was just too hard to find everything as it was spaced out in a weird way it seemed to me. We went to the Taste of Tacoma a couple of years ago and it seemed it was much easier to find the food booths and that it seemed there were more of them. Oh well...the overall experience was good and once we got our food we sat on a nice shady spot and laid out our towel and ate. Afterward, David went and got us some ice cream at the booth near by as well.
As a funny side note, my comment at one point was, "Why are all these people around here wearing neon green XBox 360 shirts?" My husband kindly pointed out that those were Sounders shirts...well, in my defense, I knew they had neon green as one of their colors, but I thought perhaps there would be the word "Sounders" somewhere on the attire instead of an ad for a gaming system? Um...yeah, I don't really know much about soccer, you can all laugh. :)

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