Sunday, August 09, 2009

Celebrating our 6th Anniversary!!!

I had the priviledge today to celebrate the anniversary of marrying the man of my dreams! :) We actually went to dinner the night before our anniversary, but we had lots of fun reminiscing about the wedding day on Sunday as well. We went to dinner at Mama Stortini's, one of our favorite restaurants. They serve the most delicious Italian food and we both just LOVE it! It has a nice atmosphere too and isn't super expensive, which is nice. On Sunday, David was teaching in our class and a gal in the class brought a cake for our anniversary as well as a nice card and wrote it up on the board for all to see. David whispered to me around 12:00 noon (during the 3rd service) that it was right about now he was getting ready to marry his beautiful bride. And then on the way home, we remembered and laughed at how we were pronounced, "Mr. and Mrs. David Walker" by accident. We had some great laughs over that one for sure. Next weekend, we will be taking the family to Seaside, OR and will revisit some of our old haunts from our honeymoon as well. We spent a week in Cannon Beach for our honeymoon. My parents are coming too and will help watch the kids one night, so we can have a dinner alone as well, which will be fun. I am looking forward to seeing the kids at the beach, I think they will enjoy it and I plan to take LOTS of pictures!

I love you SO MUCH sweetheart! Happy SIX YEARS!!

I had to include this shot of our little adventurous boy, Caleb. He and Daniel have discovered that it is GREAT fun to play in these various piles of dirt that are found in our back yard. I have since had to cover the biggest piles with the swimming pool to keep them from constantly getting dirty throughout the day. The other "fun" thing I have to deter them from is eating rotten cherries, plums, and apples that fall from our trees onto the ground. I tell them, "Blech, blech...drop it!!!" Caleb doesn't drop his, but rather proudly waves them at me to show he still has them. Um....yeah. The apples are the grossest by far as they are rather large this year and pretty much fall off the tree rotten or picked apart by the birds. Today I picked all the apples up and then brought the twins in the house to have their OWN clean apple to eat and that helped keep them from going back outside for a while.


Missy said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love Mama Stortini's!

The Morrissey Family said...

Yahoo! Happy Anniversary. Oh yeah! I remember you were announced as Mr. & Mrs. Walker, that was so funny, you always have to have something go wrong at a wedding. Oh- yeah, and me and Brent sang a duet- its all coming back to me now! I can't believe its already 6 years- boy that zoomed by!