Monday, August 17, 2009

Our First Family Trip with the Twins!!

My parents invited our family to come to the Cannon Beach, OR area with them this summer for a few days and it was our first longer family trip with all our little ones! The boys did pretty good in the car for the most part and with naps taken and some stops along the way it was pretty painless. I also managed to finish the afghan I had been working on for our house, which was nice too. The above shot is of the boys being transported back down to the lobby of the hotel in the luggage rack. They enjoyed riding on it when it was around.
This is a shot of us on the beach the first day that we arrived in Seaside. It was quite a trek from the hotel to the water line through lots of sand. Daniel was NOT happy about getting sand in his sandals at first and did not want to walk in it. Caleb on the other hand starting running gleefully in the sand headed toward the water right away. My mom and I had to take Daniel's hands and help him along and finally he started to get used to it. Once he started digging with the shovels, he was happier too.
David took both Caleb and Josiah out to meet the bigger waves. At first, both Caleb and Josiah would run toward the waves, but when the foam started coming toward their feet, they would run away. At one point, Josiah ran away and fell down in the water and got his shirt wet. He DOES NOT like to have his shirt wet and at home he changes it even if there is a tiny bit of water on it. In this case, he just took his shirt off instead of wear the wet one. Caleb was definitely the fearless twin and enjoyed following Daddy around sloshing in the water and getting as wet as he could!
On the second day, we went to the Cannon Beach area and played there. We were going to head over to Haystack Rock, but where we ended up parking was a bit of a distance from it, so we decided against trying to get over there and just played in this little area with some water instead. Some boys there were building a little dam and Josiah happily joined in. When the dam was leaking in various spots, the older boy would shout, "Red Alert, red alert" and all the littler boys would run over to the spot and build it up with mud and rocks. David joined in with Josiah to help as well. Josiah LOVED playing in this way and was having a blast!

This is another picture of the first day in Seaside where Grandma and Grandpa are watching the boys discover their shovels. On on of the nights, Grandma and Grandpa watched the kiddos while David and I went to a fancy restaurant for dinner. We honeymooned in Cannon Beach, so it was fun to go back there and reminisce and eat at a place we enjoyed then called, "The Wayfarer."
Here is one of Daniel's first reactions to being on the beach. He was not happy to have sand on his hands!

Caleb boy is just sloshing through the water here as you can see. It was hard to get a still shot of him as he was always on the move looking for new things to explore. He was following Daddy and Josiah around as they were searching for sand dollars and treasures of the sea. As a side note, the first night in the hotel we had to endure this lovely DJ'd dance for a High School Reunion from about 7pm-11pm. Caleb kept waking up and screaming when the bass boomed through our room and it was a rough night. Thankfully, the second night was quiet and we all slept much better. Thanks Mom and Dad for the gift of the hotel room, we made some fun memories!


lizcraciun said...

Looks like a wonderful time! We've always loved the Oregon Coast, especially Cannon Beach and Seaside. Thanks for your sweet prayers and comments. We're hanging in there, holding tight to our Father's hand. Love you!

The Morrissey Family said...

Wow! Little blonde boys- I didn't recall their hair being so light. How fun- did you do any kite flying? The wind is usually so perfect for it down there.