Saturday, November 14, 2009

Super Glue Scare & Our Resident Hero

Our little Caleb-ee just as predicted was our very first 911 call here recently. I left the boys at my friend's house while I went to the doctor to get a check-up for baby girl and a half an hour later when I came back, I was walking up to her door with the firemen and paramedics!! I just KNEW it was one of my kids! I was a little worried at first until I was able to assess the situation and see that he was OK. I thought because she hadn't called me yet that it was such an emergency that she was still occupied helping the injured child. As it turns out, she was just still on the phone with poison control. Caleb found a drawer that had some small, sealed tubes of Super Glue and while my friend was in the bathroom for less than a minute, he took one out and started munching on it. She was afraid it would go down his throat and make it so he couldn't breathe or something and so called 911 immediately in case he needed transport to the hospital. They sent the team over and also connected her with poison control to remedy the situation the best she could from her end. They told her to make him drink some milk as that helps neutralize the properties of the glue and so she poured some into his mouth. Also she was told not to peal it off the skin as it could take some skin with it if not careful. It was coming out in big chunks though and even though it got stuck to the roof of his mouth and the back of his teeth, in a few days it all came off! They told me to have him eat crunchy peanut butter and things with fat in it to help get it to come off naturally. Thankfully also, the tube was so small that it didn't have enough toxins to hurt him in any other way if ingested. It just mainly presented a choking hazard if big pieces of the dried glue were swallowed and we got the majority of it out right away. Earlier when I was visiting with my friend before my appointment, I saw Caleb discover the Super Glue in the drawer, but I saw that they were sealed tubes and didn't move them because I thought I could distract him well enough from them and that he wouldn't be able to get into them anyway. I should have known better with my curious ones! Oh well, live and learn!

As a side note, the check-up for baby girl went great. Her heartbeat was steady at 140 and I was measuring properly and all that, so all is well!
At MOPS, they were giving away some free costumes, and I thought Josiah would enjoy dressing up as Buzz Lightyear for playtime. He was very excited when he saw the costume! He said, "I'm cute in this!" He also giggled at himself in the mirror and when showing Daddy he giggled a lot too. Whenever he wears it now we address him as Buzz Lightyear and it isn't until he removes the hood that we "recognize" that it is really Josiah! :) I hope to pick up a few more costumes for him to play in at some point! Oh and at one point we got him to say, "To 'finity and beyond!"

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