Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Hair Do & Josiah-isms

Rarely do a post just a photo of me here on the blog. However, I got a new "do" here recently and decided to share. My friend from church (Christy) highlighted and cut my hair this last Saturday. It was an early b-day gift from my mom. I really like what she did, it looks really nice and I have less bulk now to deal with in the back! Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving holiday! We went to my parent's house for the feasting and thanking and had a nice time. I stayed the night there with the boys and David drove back that night 'cause he had to work that night a bit and the next day. It was interesting to say the least to try and stay the night there. We had two pack n' plays for the boys, but they were none too happy to be out of their routine and didn't want to go down at the normal time of 7pm. After Caleb's screaming bloody murder fit for about 20 minutes, mom suggested we take them for a ride in the car. They proceeded to blabber to each other in the car and make raspberries the entire drive and finally we asked them, "Are you hungry?" and indeed they were! I thought they had eaten more that day, but apparently not. We stopped at a Shell station and got them a snack that they scarfed down on the way home. Then after drinking some milk in the high chairs, I put Daniel down at 8:30pm, then got Josiah down around 9pm and then retrieved Caleb from my Dad who was very subdued by that point and he was down and out by 9:30pm! Needless to say, the next day when we came home, they went down much earlier than the norm and slept for 11 hours....a new record! My mom's comment to me as we were leaving was, "You're amazing....I don't know how you do it." My response to her was that at our home we have it childproofed a bit more, and that our routines are established here and though it is still not "easy" it is easier than trying to work with them elsewhere. Just as a fun side note, while at the parent's house, the various blips in the child-proofing defenses were as follows: salt and pepper poured out onto the dining room table and in the living room when Caleb smuggled it in there, Daniel pulled a mug of coffee pulled to the kitchen floor (thankfully luke warm), Daniel also knocked a pop right out of my hands all over my clothes and some got on the couch, the computers were turned on and off numerous times, the lamp in the family room was knocked over frequently (though not broken thankfully), & the dishwasher was often started by Daniel and then promptly turned off by one of us. Fun times! The parent's were glad to have us over though and I am sure were breathing a sigh of relief that they are the grandparents and got some peace after we left as well.

The countdown to Christmas begins! And as usual, I will likely do our gift shopping the day before Christmas! We don't have that much to purchase, just some gifts for the kids, so that is pretty easy to find at the last minute. And any new toy to Josiah is the coolest thing ever, and the twins don't know any different, so it will be a fun year I am sure. Josiah has only asked for Lego sets....oh and most every "boy toy" commercial he has seen on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel when he sees them. It is funny. And for the girl toys, he either says, "We should get that for Hailey" (a friend's daughter) or now he will say, "When the baby girl gets older, we can get her that!"

While on a Josiah note, his new thing of late is to say, "I don't want a baby sister anymore. I want a KID!" I tell him that all babies grow up into kids. He still emphatically states that he doesn't want a baby sister and then says he wants another brother. I usually say something like, "We don't get to decide if the baby is a sister or a brother, only God decides that." He then in a mad voice says, "Then I am going to leave this family. I am going to go live with Grandma and Grandpa." When he said this to Daddy, Daddy just laughed and said, "That's silly, you can't leave this family....God gave you to us!" He also added that Grandma and Grandpa wouldn't be able to keep up with him. Josiah said, "Grandpa can run!" Daddy said, "No actually Grandpa can't run." (He has had some problems with his foot of late.) Josiah said, "Oh yeah." Good old 4-year-old logic...we can usually talk him out of things! Other times though, he does want a baby sister and he regularly hugs and kisses my belly and talks to the little girlie. Sometimes he will sit still to feel her kick too when she is really going at it and he has felt her a few times. The twins also say, "Hello baby" to my belly and kiss it, but I think they are just mimicking their big brother. They don't really get the concept that a baby is living in my belly!

Another cute conversation I had with Josiah today went something like this:

Josiah: When the baby girl grows up, I can marry her!

Mommy: No, you can't marry your sister, you have to marry somebody outside our family!

Josiah: Well, I have to marry SOMEONE!

Mommy: (chuckling to self) Sweetie, there are lots of girls out there to marry! Daddy and I will pray that you will meet the right girl for you when it is time to marry someone!

Earlier in the day today, Daddy shared some Smarties candies with Josiah and it was a fun treat. Later, Josiah did something good and I remarked, "You're so smart Josiah!" He replied, "That's because I ate Smarties!!" And that explains it I guess!!

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