Saturday, December 05, 2009

Birthday Fun!!

There were quite a number of birthday activities this year. It started on Friday night when Grandma took our family out to Red Robin for dinner. I was given a free dessert there and a balloon to wear on my wrist, and of course the waiters serenading me with the "sound off " birthday know, "I don't know, but I've been told. Heather here is getting old....sound off, 1-2, sound off 3-4....etc." Then on my actual b-day (today), David and I had a nice date and my parents watched the kiddos for the afternoon. We went to Claimjumpers for lunch and then did some shopping for me at Southcenter Mall and I got some very needed items. Thank you honey for the nice time and being so patient while I shopped for some things!

When we came home, we had a little celebration with my Mom and Dad, and gave the twins cupcakes to celebrate their 2nd birthday also (which is on Monday). Here is a cute shot of Caleb with his cupcake. He didn't mind making a great mess of his cupcake! It was originally a snowman with three little layers of frosting and at first the top two layers fell off when he turned it over and he was very concerned and said, "Uh OH!!" and tried to put it back together. Eventually, he just gave in and started eating it all wherever it happened to be.

Here is Daniel eating his cupcake. He is the more careful eater of the two and towards the end when his hands were getting all mucked up with frosting, he was clearly asking us to wash his hands off. He tried wiping them against each other, but that only served to get more frosting on either hand.

This is a precious photo of when we were singing them the b-day song and were trying to get them to blow out the candles. Daniel has this, "I know this is for me and I am embarrassed," look and Caleb is reaching out to grab his candle.

Caleb has such a sweet expression here with his new doodle pro toy. They both absolutely LOVED this toy! I had a feeling they would as we have a smaller one that they usually fight over. Now they each have their own to play with!

Daniel is enjoying his doodle pro also. He is the one that used to hog the other one that we have all the time. He loves to bring it up to me and have me write words or letters. I can tell he is a word-smith and really craves to learn more words! At times, he does recognize a word I will write such as his name, my name, etc. and he also identifies a lot of letters I write. He is my first kiddo who seems to like to draw too! We will see how long that lasts!

The twins are playing with their doodle pros here and Daniel has the sweetest look on his face! This is a really nice shot of his gorgeous blue eyes! As per usual when the camera is out, Caleb is turning the other way. It is much harder to get a shot of him I have found!

Grandpa is holding the new toys for the boys here and they are showing him what they can do! The kiddos also got a "Mack the Truck" fort dealy that they can go in and out of and they enjoyed playing with that too. Thanks again Mom and Dad for coming today and watching the kids, so that I could have a semi-kid free day on my b-day. It was great fun to go out with my hubby!

Not to be left out, Josiah also got one present to open. He had been asking for the "Mater Fire Truck" toy he had seen one time with Grandma and she got it for him. He was excited and enjoyed playing with it the rest of the night! Overall, it was a long and busy day, but filled with fun and memories! There are more pictures of the kiddos on facebook for those of you who have an account.
Grandma is posing here with the boys at Red Robin the day before my b-day. They enjoyed their cheese pizza and a little bit of ice cream afterward. Thanks again Mom for dinner, it was a nice treat!

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