Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Fun 2009 Part 2

The day after Christmas we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to exchange gifts and have dinner together. At one point, I caught the folks with the twins in the computer room looking at this Fischer Price ABC's game on the internet. Daniel just loves this game and kept pointing at all the letters and repeating what the computer said. The game works in that the child can press any letter on the keyboard and it pops up with a picture of an animal, saying both the letter name and then playing the animal sound as well. Caleb enjoyed it also and was mimicking the animal noises and sometimes the letters also.
Daddy is opening the adult-proof packaging here for some of the toys the boys opened at the grandparent's house. The twins got a Fischer Price car wash set and a firehouse ramp dealy as well.

Mommy is playing "Hungry Hungry Hippos" with the three boys. Daddy is helping too (Daniel is sitting on his lap).

Josiah is posing here by G-ma and G-pa's tree. When I ask him to smile for the camera, he tends to give this really goofy grin. Not his natural smile at all, but still shows a very sweet Josiah! Josiah got a Tag Junior reader pen, which I will use with him to start getting him interested in reading more. The pen interacts with the books that they come with and teaches all sorts of beginning reading types of concepts. I am hoping that this will be a great tool as I will start to homeschool him soon, probably officially starting some things this coming fall. For now we have two of the books that go with the pen and eventually we will collect more of them I am sure. He also got a neat construction crane that he enjoyed to playing with as well.

Caleb enjoyed checking out many of the ornaments on G-ma and G-pa's tree. She has lots of musical instrument ornaments and he took this trumpet off and tried to play it. Someday we will tell him that you play the trumpet with your mouth and that you blow the other end of it. For now, he is just too cute!
Caleb also tried his hand at playing G-ma's guitar. This is one that is missing some strings and isn't really playable, but he enjoyed strumming it nonetheless.
Daniel also obsconded with a musical instrument ornament, but his instrument of choice was the french horn. He does have the right end in his mouth, but his buzzing technique leaves something to be desired at this age. Again....too cute!
Daniel also wouldn't be outdone and wanted to play a little guitar. Caleb is in the background looking cute as usual.

Mommy is helping Daniel look at his new Tag Jr. reader. This is a really neat toy that is very interactive with the books that you buy for them. You just press this device onto any picture on the page and it tells you what it is and also reads a story for them when they press it onto the words of the story. I have the feeling this will gets lots of use from our Daniel boy who loves to play with technology! Even with the other types of toys around, he sat with me for a while and played with this one right away.
We had a nice time at the folks house and Grandpa made a nice spaghetti dinner for us with salad, french bread, and some ice cream for dessert. I forgot the twins bibs, so they ate their food shirtless, which at first was not very popular until Daddy distracted them by tickling some baby flesh! All three boys fell asleep in the car on the way home and we were able to transfer them to their rooms without too much fuss.

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