Thursday, April 29, 2010

Josiah's Last Night as a Cubby & Twin Update

Last night, we had the closing celebration for Awana and Josiah has now officially graduated out of Cubbies. Next year he will be in Sparks. He told me in the car, "I'm excited to be a Spark." It will be a new thing for him as he will get to work through the book at his own pace instead of an assigned verse to memorize each week. After the kids sang some of their Cubby songs on the stage, we listened to the other group's presentations and then they had hot dogs and hayrides for the kid's afterward. Josiah also wanted to sit in Jesus' lap as you see pictured here. I am not sure Jesus would approve of him pretending to shoot guns in his lap, however. :)

This is another recent photo of Josiah with his "outdoor collection" has he called it. He and Daddy went on a nice long walk a while back and these are the things he found. Daddy is hoping to take Josiah on some hikes this summer and possibly a camping trip for just the two of them, so these walks are training for the "big hike" later. David says that he starts off the journey all bouncy and excited and saying things like, "I like to walk with you Daddy," and by the end he is walking noticeably slower and is complaining that his legs hurt. Daddy then distracts him by pointing out things along the way and they eventually make it back home again.

The boys jumped up into the chair together today to watch a show. Daniel is holding his Tag Jr. reader. He loves to play with this andd also plays with Josiah's Tag reader also now. I am guessing Daniel will be an early reader, as he is SO interested in books!! Daniel is saying a lot of things now. His "classics" are: I wan hunry (I want hungry), ug (hug), I wan up (I want up), & poddy? (wants to go potty). He actually does use the potty a little. He is able to pee a tiny bit and then dumps the potty chair pot in the toilet and flushes it and says, "Bye, bye pee!" If I had more time to work with him, I think he could be trained right now, but for now we are just letting him try this sporatically when he asks for it. I am hoping by the summer time we can start to train both twins, but we will see. It sure would be nice to have only 1 in diapers! Caleb has really blossomed with his speech these days too! He repeats most everything I have asked him to say, and though it isn't perfectly pronounced, it is clear he is getting the gist now! He says things like: I love you, hunry (hungry), rink (drink), cuse me (excuse me), and things like that.

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