Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

When Grandma came over and went out in the backyard to put the pies in our other fridge in the shed, she discovered that we now have snowman snow! Josiah was the first to join her and Daddy said that if they actually got a good snowman going that they could have a carrot for the nose. As you can see, they made quite a man....of snow! He had two eyes made out of Legos and a mouth of the same as well though, so no coal here. And note the cowboy hat as well. When Daniel took a look at it from the back window, he said, "Cowboy 'noman, Momma!" David said this was in honor of cheering on the Cowboys in their football game today. Caleb was able to help make the snowman as well, only later to knock it down and the 2nd snowman is below.

Daniel had to get in his snow gear and come and inspect up close.

This was yesterday when Grandma was pulling the boys in the "twin taboggan." They really had a blast and our yard has enough of an incline to make it fun, but not too dangerous for them to sled, so that was nice.

A very reflective Caleb who LOVED to be outside playing in the snow.

Daniel's favorite pastime was to eat the snow. And as you see below in the snow fort he was grabbing snow and taking big bites out of the snow fort walls.

Josiah is hugging his brother Caleb here, a rare moment to capture!

This was cute of the twins in their newly built fort. Thanks to Grandma for breaking a sweat to play outside with the boys for a bit, while David and I made the T-day dinner. We had fun playing Taboo after dinner with my mom and dad and my brother and his wife as well. Thanks all for coming and for sharing a meal together. And big thanks to my sweetheart for being the chef and getting all the dishes to come out warm on time! Well done...and super yummy! And thanks to my mom too for helping me clean up afterwards, the whirlwind cleaner strikes again! It was a fun day overall and I am very thankful for my family!

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50 Chubby Toes said...

Sounds and Looks like you had a wonderful day! Blessings, EMichelle