Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Naomi Visits Daddy's Workplace

After the Science Center, we decided to take a stop off at David's workplace since we were so closeby. Many of his co-workers have been bugging him to get their baby fix and we were glad to oblige. She was a little teary-eyed here after being passed around a bit. She was tired and hungry, so I would have expected her to be a little grumpy.

Everyone kept asking me where the twins were and we told them that it would likely be pretty disastrous to have them come with us altogether. I could envision them running down aisles, "kindly" putting the caps-locks on all the computers and/or pulling cords or wreaking havoc amongst all the employees. I "could" be exaggerating, but then again this is most likely the reality of it at their almost three "troublesome trucks" stage.

Vivian enjoyed holding baby girl and I got a few pictures of her playing V's shiny earrings. She was very curious about Vivian and was studying her face and features very carefully. It was very cute!

Little Naomi, meet big Naomi. And we mean that in the nicest way of course "big" Naomi. Not that your "big," per se, but rather bigger than baby girl. :) Naomi's name means "pleasant" or "beautiful" and I think you can see here that they are both examples of those meanings. Big Naomi is one of David's closest co-workers and her cubicle is right next to his.

When some of the ladies on the phones heard some baby sounds, they quickly got up to see Naomi girl. This is Aurora having a turn holding the sweet baby. She is looking at Daddy in this shot as if to say, "Daddy I am tired already....enough showing off!" She was fed soon after this picture and then she fell asleep in the car on the way home. Josiah was of course with us also, but we didn't take an pictures of him this time (he had his turn a while back). On the way out, Daddy walked us downstairs and we were leaving and Josiah burst into tears and said, "I miss Daddy." He then proceeded to accidentally spill the water Daddy gave him while getting into the car and then the waterworks really kicked it up a notch. I texted David about it and he told me I could turn around and drop him off with him and he would take him home in his car. Josiah feel asleep on the way home. Long day for our sweet, oldest boy!

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