Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby Girl Adventures!

On one of our only sunny days of late (almost 70 degrees out), I took everyone outside to enjoy the sun. Naomi hadn't really experienced walking in the grass yet and at first she was not thrilled to try out uneven grass walking! However, once she realized all was well and that there were things to explore out in the grass, she started sauntering around with her little swishy walk that she does.

She enjoyed climbing onto and off of the little ride-on Mater toy that we have that was out in the yard as well.

Last Sunday, I put her in one of her pretty, pretty dresses for church and she promptly made her way over to the empty recycling bin to pose. This is her "sniffy face" as we call it, when she does this funny sniffing sound.

And lastly, a very serious Naomi after demolishing a chocolate chip cookie. She is quite the eater, though you wouldn't think so due to the fact that she is so petite and small. She loves to feed herself though and sometimes eats as much as her brothers!

One of her fun things she does lately also is that she finds things to put in the garbage can and wanders over and puts them in. Of late, I have found a library book (thankfully caught that one right after it was thrown in), a sippy cup, and many different toys that have made their way to the garbage via our little "helper." She also is like a moth to a flame whenever I turn on the water in the kitchen and open the dishwahser to load dishes. She likes to come over and pull the dishes out and then try to put them back in for me.

Her only real word that she uses with frequency thus far is, "Uh-oh" whenever she drops something or sees someone else drop something. She does wave with her open hand turning at the wrist to say hello and bye-bye though too. Her main form of communication though are her various different cries that she has to alert Momma and anyone else who will listen as to what is going on. There is a very specific "brothers are bothering me" cry, "I am very hurt" cry, and "I have a stinky diaper" cry. There are others as well, but those are the main three we hear most often. She loves her Daddy and waddles over to him whenever she sees him. Anytime an adult is on the ground, she plops herself down in his/her lap to get some snuggles.

We love our sweet little baby girl and it is fun to see her learning some new fun things to share with our family.

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Lil mama Karen said...

Love the pictures.
We need to get the girls and boys together again soon. B askes to come over about once a week.
My little girl likes to toss things in the garbage also. I am always checking it =}