Saturday, April 02, 2011

Cuteness Factor Raised at Daddy's Work

Today, Mommy, Daddy and Naomi headed to Daddy's workplace to go to Aurora's (pictured above) retirement party. When we have visited in the past, Aurora has loved to hold our little ones and so David thought it would be fun to bring Naomi this time to send her off. She is going to be a full time Grandma now in her retirement and was pretty excited about that! It was nice to see her again and chat with many of David's co-workers as well. Happy Retirement Aurora!
Naomi is spreading her cuteness here in the elevator. This was the look she gave when we stepped in. It was clear she was NOT SO SURE that the elevator was a good place to be!

As you can see we are Daddy's little sweetheart and she had a great old time toddling around all the big people at the party. Everyone wanted to look at her and talk to her and at first she was backing up into a corner pretending to be shy. We discovered soon into the party that indeed she was just really tired and was missing some of her beauty sleep, and so we had to leave a little early so that we didn't have a crying, grumpy Naomi on our hands.

Prior to the party, we went on a date to the Lunchbox Laboratory to have lunch. It is basically a gourmet hamburger place that is decorated with old lunchboxes. It was very yummy though as they make everything from scratch. Baby girl was fascinated with all the sights and sounds and kept trying to eat her goldfish off the table like a doggy with no hands.

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