Saturday, April 02, 2011


We met our friends the Allbee's (Chris & Kim) at the Rainforest Cafe yesterday evening. They are a family we met when we lived in Spokane and they were in town for a vacation and we planned to meet up with them for dinner. They have two kiddos (Colton--J's age and Kylie--6 months older than the twins). It was fun to see them again and Josiah and Colton didn't miss a beat and were best buddies again. They used to play together when they were really little!
After we ate at the Cafe, we walked to the play area in the mall for the kids to play a little bit before they made the big drive back home. All the boys are walking together and the girls hung back to chit chat. We walked past a store where a while back I had accidentally broken something (was trying on a pair on sunglasses and leaned in to look at a mirror and didn't see this snowman deal on the edge and it fell off the shelf) and David teased me saying, "Do you want to go in there?"

Across from the play area was a Sanrio store (Hello Kitty stuff) and like a magnet Naomi was drawn in and wanted to play with the purses hanging near the ground and when Daddy lifted her up to see the Hello Kitty dolls she leaned in right away to hug two of them. She fit right in with her pretty in pink outfit!

At the Rainforest Cafe, they had their tree frog mascot out in front greeting the people as they came in. Caleb was delighted to see him and ran in to give him a big hug. He then spied a little tree frog stuffed animal in the shop and got it to give to the life size tree froggy. You could tell he was "touched" and then tried to give it back to little Caleb-ee! He is such a sweetheart! Love that smile!

Josiah and Colton are having a 5-year old boy kind of conversation. You know...the usual...underwear, karate, and other such funny and cool topics. It was a really fun outing and so great to see old friends again! Thanks for taking time on your vacation Allbee's to see us!

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Jee said...

I had a lot of catching up to do with your family! Wow! Glad to hear that everyone is doing well and I love looking at photos of little Naomi growing up so fast!