Saturday, April 09, 2011

Trip to Spokane--part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of our trip. On our way back home, we stopped in at the Care Center in Cheney where my Grandma Betty lives now. She had a stroke a while back and can't really communicate or walk on her own anymore, so she can certainly use your prayers as life is hard for her these days. She perked right up when she saw the baby though and made cooing noises and smiled really big. I also played my flute for her and could tell right away that the music was pleasing to her. When we got ready to leave, Grandma wanted to come to the front door to see us off like she always did before her stroke. Her personality is still in tact, but I am sure she is very frustrated that she cannot communicate anymore. I pray for her whenever she comes to mind that God would give her peace in this life and that she would be ready to meet Him someday when He calls her home. She is a dear Grandma and we will hopefully be able to see her more when we live nearer.

Josiah was preoccupied with other things while I was playing my flute for Grandma. He found these hats in a box and thought it funny to put all of them on at once. He made himself scarce most of the time while we were there, but I finally got him to come close enough to Grandma so she could see him. He didn't really understand why she couldn't talk, but once I explained that he was more comfortable around her. He gets really shy with everyone at first, so this is not unusual!

I threw this picture in randomly of Naomi before we left for Spokane riding this little horsey/chariot thing that Grandma got for her. She was very tickled to be on her new ride as you can see.

After the Care Center visit, my Aunt Genny came with us to the park and then afterward to have lunch at Zips. It was rather cold at the park, so we didn't stay out in the cold long for the sake of sweet baby and the freezing cold ladies. Kalen (my cousin) also lived nearby and stopped by the park on her way to go swimming so we could say hello. All the ladies sat in the warm car and chatted a bit before we went to lunch.

Here is baby Naomi with her little red nose from the cold all bundled up with Aunt Genny at the park. We had a nice visit with Aunt Genny at lunch and then got on the road after that and made it home in good time to greet the twins at home. They were very happy to see us of course as we were to see them also. It was a nice trip and it was really fun for David and I to get away even with the two little ones we took with us. Thanks to my parents, my friend Sarah and our babysitter Sharel for covering the care of the twins while we were gone!

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