Friday, April 29, 2011

Proud Moments

At the closing ceremony for Josiah's Awana year (his first year in Sparks), he was asked among others to share a Bible verse in front of the crowd of parents and kids in the Awana program. We had been working on memorizing Psalm 23 the whole year during his homeschooling work and so he reviewed it a bit and he was able to recite the whole thing! He did a great job and did not appear to be nervous at all!
In the same week on a Friday, Josiah had his 2nd belt test (this time for his Senior Orange belt). Here he is at the beginning positions getting ready to warmup for the test. He is sitting next to his buddies Bryce & Sophia who were also going for the same belt.
They perform their ten hand sets together and this is the double knife hand block.
They warm up with a few kicks and then this time they had the black belts hold these targets for them to kick back and forth across the floor for various types of kicks.
They also have to show how to do a skill called "Self Defense #1" and "Attack #1" as well as do a board break (snap front kick this time). We thought that perhaps he wouldn't pass as it took him around 7 times to get his board broken, but finally he focused enough and was able to do it! I think he was worried about "who" was first as he kept looking over at the girls while he was breaking his board and so that didn't work so well! This shot is of them shaking the hands of the senior belts and the Master and Grandmaster of the school. Notice all the broken boards on the ground? The larger stacks were for the two black belts that tested. They each broke 7 different boards altogether. It was quite a neat thing to see the black belts do their thing! Very impressive! We are hoping Josiah will stick it out to the end to get a black belt too, but we shall see!

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