Friday, April 22, 2011

SUNNY day and HAPPY kiddos

The sun finally made an appearance here this week and it has been loooooong overdue! And yes, it does rain an awful lot on the West side of WA, but it has been a much longer rainy season than most of us are used to this year. A little vitamin D has done us all some good thankfully! Somehow all the kids decided to sit at the kiddie table at the same time. And by happenstance I had my camera at the ready as well!

They were banging on the table making noise...teaching Naomi the finer art of "boy noise" I am sure!

Josiah kept leaning over to kiss Naomi's hands. He loves his little sister! It is fun to watch them together. He loves to make her laugh and play with her though sometimes a little too roughly. She loves her biggest brother though and her other brothers too!

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