Saturday, April 02, 2011

Josiah AKA Supermonkey!

The other day Josiah dressed up as "Supermonkey," his own made up super hero. Rarely does he want to pose for pictures nowadays, and so the fact that he wanted to made it a perfect opportunity to take some fun shots. This is a just a piece of Josiah's fun, energetic personality. Below I will list some of the funny things he has said of late as well.

The other day when we were eating chicken, I handed Josiah a drumstick and he promptly said, "This is what cavemen eat!" A while back when Daniel had a bad cold, I told him I was going to give Daniel a "breathing treatment." Josiah ran to get his books and kept wanting me to read them and said, "I want a reading treatment too!"
I was sewing these star patches (3 total to sew)on Josiah's uniform and they are very small and difficult to put on by hand without a thimble. I mumbled to myself, "Man these are a pain!" Josiah looked over my shoulder and said, "I guess you will have three pains then!" Yup....three stars equals three pains indeed!

Daddy was talking to Josiah about him getting a second stripe on his Taekwondo belt and on the way home Josiah said, "I am SO excited for my new stripe!" Daddy said, "How excited are you?" Josiah stretched his hands wide and said, "I am BIG ROCKET excited!" On age--Josiah said to me, "Daddy used to be 39, but now he is 40." And another day he told me, "Momma you are 35 and just 5 more birthdays and you will be 40!" Today he was standing on a chair and Daddy was nearby and he said, "I'm 40 Daddy!" Daddy said, "Why are you 40?" J said, "'cause I am as tall as you!" Daddy told him that if he was 40 he would need to get a job and move out of the house! ;)

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