Friday, May 06, 2011

Senior Orange Belt Ceremony

Josiah giving me his best "Tiny Tiger" face prior to the starting of the belt ceremony.

The man assisting Master Kim called all the little ones up first to receive their belts and then they came and sat down on the mat. There were two black belts that were awarded today too, one first degree black belt and one second degree. Josiah is very pleased with his new belt as you can see here. The senior orange belt is different in that it has a black stripe through the center of it. The next belt he will be going for is yellow.

Daddy is instructing Josiah to stand still here while he puts on the belt.

Daddy got to put on the belt this time, since Mommy did it last time.

Daddy working his magic to get the belt on properly.

Daddy and his silly son! Afterwards, we had a potluck and chit chatted with the adults and the kids ran around playing tag and running off their energy. Josiah was enjoying himself during that part as were all the other children.

Since it was close to Mother's Day, Master Kim had the kids bow low to their mothers as a sign of respect and love. It was very sweet. Josiah worked hard to get his senior orange belt, it will be fun to see how far he progresses in Taekwondo. We are proud of him thus far and are glad he has been able to have this experience.

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