Monday, May 30, 2011

Miss Naomi's New Do!!

A friend of mine gave me some teeny, tiny rubber bands (smaller than a dime) to use on Naomi's hair and I was finally then able to gather enough hair in the center to put her hair up! My mom bought some cute little ribbon clips to then put over the rubber band and "wa-la" (not sure how to spell that correctly, but you get the idea) she has a cute little new do! My mom said when she would do her sister's hair this way, they called it a "wiggy." :)

This is Naomi before we had the little bows all dressed up in one of her new cute outfits and the sweater that my Aunt Sandy made for her. Isn't it gorgeous? I just LOVE the color and it fits so nicely and is so soft!

Naomi LOVES her mashed taters and had a blast teasing her brothers the other day with her messy hands. They would run by her chair and she would try to grab them. It was great fun until Caleb got the idea to stick his hands in his potatoes and come enact some revenge! Josiah also took some and rubbed it on her nose before this game was put to a halt! We have a cute video showing the whole thing on our youtube channel should you want to view it! :)

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