Friday, May 13, 2011

1st Lost Tooth....No It's REALLY lost!!

Josiah finally lost his first tooth as he approaches his 6th birthday here in June. It was getting really wiggly and then one morning with a pancake breakfast, he apparently swallowed the tooth with all the pancake goodness. Thankfully, we do not do the tooth fairy scenario here and so I didn't have to go on a "treasure hunt" for said tooth later on! Josiah was really excited to lose his tooth and now likes to put straws there in it's place. When we went to the dentist this last time in May, the hygienist showed me that he had 3 other loose teeth as well, so I am sure they will be soon to follow. They were all on the bottom row though. She said that either they usually lose them all on the bottom or the top first.

I thought I would also take this opportunity to post some recent "Josiah-isms" as we have been collecting quite a few of late! He likes to stand on a chair and say, "Daddy I am 40 too 'cause I am taller than you!" or for me "Mommy, I am 35 too!"

The other day Josiah had his friends Colin and Taylor over and they were dressing up at superheros. He put on a Lightning McQueen blanket for a cape with his Ironman glove and called himself, "Superpunch." I then heard as he was going up and down the hallway, "If you wanted me to save the galaxy, get out of the way Daniel!" Needless to say, Daniel wasn't super helpful on that point and I suppose the galaxy has been subsequently doomed, unreachable by the mighty Superpunch!

When we were practicing for one of Josiah's verses at Awana one week he said, "Oh how I love your law. I 'hesitate' on it all day long." Yup, meditate fits much better, but hesitate was OH so funny.

And just for me on
Mother's Day Josiah said: "Today's your special day Mommy!"
Me: "Yes, it is thanks for remembering!"
Josiah: "There is another Mother's Day coming up too."
Me: "What's that?"
Josiah: "Valentine's Day is for mothers, right?
Me: "Yes, Valentine's Day is for mothers, but for other people too." (chuckling to myself)
Josiah: "But not Halloween, 'cause that is supposed to be scary."

Speaking of Halloween, that reminds me. One night Josiah prayed and thanked God for all the holidays.....except Halloween. Upon further questioning, I asked him more about his prayer and he said, "God doesn't like Halloween 'cause it is not a praising day." I liked how he was able to put in his own words something we taught him. Now mind you, I realize that other people redeem the day in their own ways, but we have chosen not to celebrate this one as a family as a personal preference.

Every time Josiah's friends Colin and Taylor come over (my friend Sarah's twins), I always hear some great conversations. As they were watching the movie, "Oceans," Josiah said, "These animals are extinct." (Even though technically the animals in question were really not extinct as it turns out.) Taylor (4) says, "Why do they stink?" Josiah did the "teacher Mommy" thing and insisted, "NO....they are ECK, ECK, stinked!!" Later during lunch when the kids were discussing protein, muscles and energy, Taylor said, "
What happens when you don't have energy?" Me: "You will want to fall asleep 'cause you are tired all the time." Josiah, "But if you drink Pepsi, you will never fall asleep!" Clearly we don't drink coffee in this household to stay awake, but I bet you can guess what we DO drink around here!

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