Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pt. Defiance Zoo Trip

Daddy was able to take the day off and we headed out to the zoo with my friend Sarah and her kiddos for the day. It was a beautiful day to hit the zoo and that is saying something considering what the weather has been like usually of late! We went through all the exhibits first and saved the kid's play zone area for the last. I somehow managed to catch them all playing with the same thing! Rare spawn!

Josiah enjoyed climbing on the play much so that he wandered back over there when we were feeding the goats. With the loads of kids on the playground, it took a few minutes before we found him again. Thankfully, I hadn't reached panic mode yet, but was working myself up to that if he hadn't turned up! I also happened to run into a teacher that I used to work with at my school in Lacey. We didn't get to talk much because we were both in charge of watching kiddos, but it was neat to see her. She and another teacher from my old school were there on a field trip with their classrooms. I did see the North Thurston buses on the way in, but didn't think they would be from Olympic View Elementary, however! Fun, random coincidence!

Naomi wanted to get out of her stroller almost the whole time we were there, but when we saw the sharks she was a little intimidated. I love her serious and some-what petrified expression here.

At the beginning, the kiddos were playing in the area near the ticket counter. Colin and Taylor are in the foreground and Daniel and Caleb in the background.

Caleb & Daniel posing with cheesy zoo grins.

This shirt says it all, does it not? Little sisters ROCK!!

Josiah was the navigator apparently for the group of kiddos. He promptly took one of the maps and began using it to guide everyone around the zoo. It was fun seeing his enthusiasm and how all the kiddos shared in the fun as well.

Caleb paused for a moment on this bench and I just LOVE all the vibrant colors! A very cute centerpiece for the picture too I might add!

Naomi loved trying to climb up on these little mushrooms in the goat tent.

She also absolutely LOVED the goats. She squealed with glee every time she got near one and tried to kiss one of the goats too. We have found she really gets tickled with most any animal that she encounters.

We only ended up staying at the zoo for about 2 1/2 hours as the kiddos got really worn out. This was the first time that the twins were hoofing it around the zoo, (instead of getting a stroller ride) so I am sure it was quite a workout for them! Caleb had to be carried for the last part of the tour as his little legs were pretty beat! He fell asleep in the car almost immediately after being buckled in. It was a nice outing and it was fun to enjoy with friends as well. Thanks Sarah for letting us be your guests at the zoo. :)

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