Saturday, May 21, 2011

Katie & Hailey's B-day Party

We had the privilege to be invited to Katie & Hailey's b-day party again this year and as per usual it was a fun time for all the kiddos! Miss Katie girl is three now and is dressed up in her pretty dress. She had a cute little dolly with the same dress as well, which was also very cute! As you can see, the kids enjoyed playing with a bubble machine outside for a little bit.

They are trying to stomp on all the bubbles here.

Daniel was trying to catch all the bubbles in the hula hoop apparently and he framed himself and his brother very nicely in the process. You might notice the shirts...."I'm definitely up to something." Isn't that the truth!

Here are the birthday girls hearing their birthday song from all the guests.

Katie's aunt got her this little set of pretend hair styling equipment and Melissa got treated to a "new do" from Katie and the twins. As you can see she is cautiously optimistic about the results!

They had a pinata for the party too and each child got to pull a string to see if it was "the one" that would trigger the candy shower. I was helping Miss Naomi pull her string here. Naomi had a funny thing happen to her at the party. She was rummaging through the garbage (while we weren't paying attention) and she found a pop can. She was chewing on it and started crying really loudly. We saw a bunch of brown stuff on her face and we thought it was cake, but thought perhaps the crying was because she had cut herself on the pop can. As it turns out, the brown stuff was coffee grinds....yuck! I would cry too...nasty! After some milk and Mommy comfort though, she was all better!

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