Monday, May 30, 2011

Rare Sunny Days!

This last spring has been pretty sparse in the sun department, so the days that have had sun we have been sure to get out and enjoy it! I have had the kids in shorts only a few times this year so far and haven't gone so far as to put away all the pants yet and switch out to shorts. Maybe I can hope for this sometime in June? We will see! Caleb's new thing that he does quite frequently is to take the baby washcloths, towels, or other fabric like items and puts them on his head like this as he plays. Sometimes when I ask him why he says, "I'm the Momma!" so I think at times he is pretending it is hair perhaps? Or at least I think so because to my knowledge I haven't walked around with washcloths on my head! :) I LOVE Daniel's expression in the background there as if to say, "What are you wearing on your head, dude?"

Most of the time I think Naomi's life verse will be "A brother is born for adversity," but here is a rare moment where Caleb and she were playing nicely together and it didn't result in some kind of injury or a loud baby girl cry. They were sharing the Pooh chair and the blanket and had a nice time together for a little bit!

Josiah isn't always willing to pose for pictures anymore, but once in while I can still catch him!

Caleb is as handsome as ever sporting his camo here in our sunny backyard.

Daniel is enjoying a ride in the bee swing and is pleased as punch! (How pleased CAN punch be really know, being a liquid and all. )

Naomi liked her swinging too and had a cloth to hold on to while she was riding. I tried to take it away from her for the picture, but she got really upset and wanted it back.

The other day, we had Sarah and her kiddos over for a visit and then as we were getting ready for church the next day I was taking pictures of them and they all got in on it and were cheesing it up for me! The only two missing here were Josiah and Naomi, but I got them in some of the other shots I took.

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