Saturday, May 07, 2011

Sleeping Parents = Fun With the Camera

This morning I woke up to what sounded like someone using some castanets clicking together over and over. This alerted me that somehow I had managed to sleep through my normal alarm girl waking up OR twin boys roaming the house. After I got up quickly to assess the damage, I was informed by Josiah that Daniel had been using my camera. Ugh....well, I discovered that he knows how to use it properly at least and didn't damage it. The first shot is of the camera man himself going in for his close-up!

I was clued into the fact that it was in fact Daniel at the helm (as if I couldn't have already guessed that) due to the couple of shots of his feet and the many attempts to take a picture of Caleb as well.

This was the best picture of Caleb that he managed to get, but there were lots of mid-sections, feet, blankets, the floor, and various other locations around the house as well.

When all was said and done he had taken 43 pictures! Thankfully this was a digital camera and not real film, right? Looks like Caleb is saying, "HEEEY" here!

And lastly, I had to throw this one in 'cause it was just too funny. He took an upside-down picture of "The Lord's Supper" that we have on our wall. We got this piece from my Grandma Betty. I was told it was the first piece of artwork that she purchased for her home when she and Grandpa got married. Daniel's "rendition" of it is rather interesting, wouldn't you say?

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