Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grandma's Plenty-9th Birthday!

Grandma always tells people on her birthday that she is turning "plenty-nine" and this birthday did not fail to disappoint when she told the waiter this fact as well. Here all the girls at the table are posing together. One interesting fact about the evening though is that Grandma tried something NEW on her birthday! She got a different menu item at her favorite restaurant (Red Lobster)!

Grandma is telling Naomi all about the princesses on her cup.

Upon being given a straw, Naomi started chomping on it in this fashion and had us all laughing.

Josiah of course did not lack for attention either when he was waving a straw in my face making very poignant boy noises to let us know he was there!

Caleb and I are posing for the camera now.

Grandpa was having all kinds of fun with Naomi, like having her try on his hat. She kept taking it off, but then wanting it put back on again. Grandpa was also teaching her how to make a blubbering sound with her lips when she moved her fingers back and forth on them. I got a short video of her doing that, which I hope to post on youtube soon.

Grandpa is also notorious for having each grandchild (and child of his too I might interject) try a lemon to see their reaction. All the Carpenter kiddos have had their share of lemons from Grandpa and all have had their unique reactions. Naomi did a little shaking of her hands and pulled back a little from the table as well as puckered her lips a little bit.

In order to entertain Daniel, Daddy taught him how to play a game on his Droid. Daniel who is normally our "bottomless pit" didn't even notice when the salads and cheesy bread were served, but kept on playing until Daddy pointed out that he might want to eat something. A Droid game is greater than food in Daniel's book we discovered!

After dinner, we ventured home for some cake with Grandma. Naomi naturally was given a pink cupcake to match her shirt and is as cute as ever with her face decked out in hot pink.

Caleb was given an orange cupcake, but you can see just a hint of pink here too where he swiped some of Daniel's frosting as well. He kept calling it his "pupcake." And as a side note here....that neon-colored frosting is just NASTY! Hard to clean and just is not that appetizing! The adults had ice cream cake instead (thankfully!)

It was a nice time with Grandma and I think she had a good time too! Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!

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