Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

That look of mine about says it all for Mother's Day 2011! A memory I am sure I will look back on years from now and wonder how I kept all those wriggling bodies under control! Josiah was very cute though and in the morning (as said in another post) "Mommy it's your special day!" And I said, "Yes it is, thanks for remembering!" He then said, "There are other Mother's Days coming up too! Like Valentine's Day, that's for mothers, right?" I replied with a smirk, "Yes, well Valentine's Day is for mothers, but it for other people too." Then he added, "But not Halloween, 'cause that's too scary." And indeed, mothers everywhere I am sure do not consider Halloween like another Mother's Day! :)

David got a picture of just the girls of the family as well. I put Naomi in her Easter dress again to get some use out of it before she grew out of it.

Here is my little princess trying to get her headband off. She won't wear these for any length of time anymore, so they are really just for photo opportunities rather than general wear these days!

And for a good laugh, here is Caleb making creative use of the recycling garbage....a peanut butter holder shirt and a paper towel wrapping for a hat.

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