Monday, May 30, 2011

Jumpin' Jacks!

This last Saturday, we went to visit my parents in Lacey for the day and they took the kiddos to this place called "Jumpin' Jacks Family Fun Center." It had a bunch of bouncy houses and video games for the kids to play on. It even had a small bouncy area for little ones 4 and under that included little vehicles and a small slide. Naomi had a BLAST climbing up the small ladder and sliding down backwards and walking around the bouncy area. She got pretty tired though towards the end, however! I really liked this unit for the little ones as you can see them at all times and it is very safe as long as the bigger kids don't rough house too much in it!

Daniel was jumping as I took this picture and he really didn't stay still long enough for me to get very many pictures of him. He and Caleb both jumped and jumped and they both went on all the bouncy houses as well. They had a big slide for the older ones and Daniel kept doing somersaults at the end of the slide as well as one to get off the unit. We have some video of him doing just that on our youtube channel as well.

Josiah paused briefly for me to take his photo. I asked him what he liked best about Jumpin' Jacks and his comment was, "It was really fun, but the hardest part was getting me cold." This to say that he worked up quite a sweat and was too hot most of the time. I should have dressed them in shorts and that would have helped. We can remember that one for next time I guess!

Caleb always finds places to hide or creative things to play with and here was no exception. The snack bar was decorated with this hula skirt kind of decor and he was hiding behind it and I told him to peek out for the picture.

I put my camera in one of the bounce houses to capture this one. It is hard to get a shot of jumping twins though, I tell ya! We had a good time though and the kids fell asleep on the way home and then transferred to their beds as well for a nice long nap, so that was good! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the fun time!

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