Sunday, June 05, 2011

My Little Rock Stars!

Everytime I actually attempt to style the boys' hair and spike it up like this, they insist that they are rock stars. I am sure actual rock stars would beg to differ that it takes a bit more than spiky hair to fit the bill, but hey they are cute, right? You can tell Josiah thinks he is pretty cute here for sure!

He is doing a little air guitar for us as well to play the part a bit better as well.

Now Josiah is acting super goofy and Caleb is letting him know it is a little over the top! Not ready for a hair band yet, J-dawg...gotta learn to play drums or guitar first!

Caleb was so pleased to be a rock star today and gave me a big cheese-y grin to show it!

Naomi of course had to have a cute hair-do too and she was lounging on the Mater toy to pose for her close-up.

Right after I got the boys' hair done I wanted to take a picture, and Daniel was already tired of being a rock star was was attempting to slick his hair back down the way it was prior to the picture. He doesn't like change all that much, but likes to copy his brothers at first. You can see he isn't really into it here though as much as Josiah and Caleb. I think Daniel will be content to be the sound guy supporting the rock stars someday instead!

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