Thursday, June 23, 2011

Josiah's Yellow Belt Test

Josiah has really been enjoying Taekwondo and this test for his yellow belt will be his last test that he will take at this Doh Jahng. We are planning to sign him up in Spokane at a different Doh Jahng and they said they can start him at the same level (though the belt colors are switched, so he will be orange again there in Spokane). Prior to his test today, he was playing around with the other Tiny Tigers and one of the blue belts kicked him pretty hard and he was hurting. He came to Daddy for comfort and Daddy was glad to be there for him. So sad to see the tears in sweet Josiah's eyes here!

They are all lined up here waiting for the master to begin the test. These guys on the end are doing their first test for an orange belt!

Josiah is doing his 10-hand-set here and though it was nice to get a front shot of the test, I found out that it was MUCH too distracting for Mommy to be where Josiah could see me and I had to quickly run back to sit with Daddy behind the kiddos.

For this test, he did his 10-hand set, self defense move, showed various kicks (axe, snap front, and side) as well as broke a board with his side kick. He broke his board the first time this time! Master Kim had all the parents write down a bad habit on the board that we wanted him to break. Josiah's bad habit was "not keeping focused." He has a lot of power, but has a really hard time staying focused on the task at hand. Even during the test, he was very easily distracted by sirens going by, Mommy up in front (ever so briefly), and by the other kids testing around him. It is something he needs to work on for sure and we are glad he is doing something that can help him with focus!

This is the grandmaster that started this Doh Jahng. There are pictures of him all over the walls of him breaking boards and doing all kinds of neat moves. He speaks only Korean and so we have always heard him speak through a translator. It is clear that he loves watching these little guys though as he smiles a lot at them and gives them affirmations with his face.

This is Master Kim with Josiah. We told him that this would be Josiah's last test here and could tell that he was disappointed that we were leaving. I assured him though that we would be continuing in Spokane and he was glad to hear that. It will be an adjustment to leave this Doh Jahng for Josiah I am sure. Master Kim sets the bar very high and we have really appreciated his attention to detail and the love he shows the kids as he works with them. Josiah has made some great friends here as well that I hope we can keep in touch with also!

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