Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sun & Fun!

David recently celebrated his 5th anniversary working at Pemco and they have a special celebratory lunch to commemorate the event for all 5-year employees. He got to invite someone from his family (of course ME) to come to the lunch. It was fun to get all dressed up and chit chat with all the adults. I thought since I was already ready and didn't have kid goop all over me that it might be a good time for a picture! We went to eat at a place called Andaluca's in Seattle and had a very gourmet lunch and dessert. I had a pear salad and a lamb burger with some sauteed mushrooms on the side and a liquid chocolate cake for dessert. It was very good!

Though I was squinting here, the colors are really neat in the picture I think as it was a beautiful day!

On these sunnier days, I have been taking the boys out to ride their bikes/trikes. The twins have this new fun game to use this driveway (in our cul de sac) to ride down without using the pedals. Caleb was yelling here enjoying his ride.

They were also driving over this little bump in the road and falling down (maybe 3 inches) to the main road. But their favorite trike-riding fun was when one of them would ride down the road (a slight incline) and the other one would ride up the hill and they would crash into one another. Since they weren't going very fast, it was harmless fun, but I imagine at greater speeds that this game might be discontinued!

Daniel is enjoying his bumpy ride here also. I was trying to get Josiah to ride his new scooter in this set of pictures, but he was sulking because he was struggling to ride it well the first time and didn't want to try again. He is not fond of change, but we have been working with him to keep trying and that he is not always going to be able to do something well the first time.

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