Friday, June 24, 2011

Conner Jones' Day

An old friend from high school's brother and his wife lost their son Conner Reed Jones to Cystic Fibrosis a year ago today. He was only 7 years old when he died and had battled this and other problems his whole life. We never met Conner, but heard about his story through my friend and then from Conner's parents on Facebook. We were invited to participate in an event to remember him by releasing red balloons on the 1st anniversary of Conner going to be with Jesus. Here they are wearing red, (for LOVE for Conner) eating some red licorice, and waving at Conner.

We got some balloons and wrote messages to Conner on them. I tried to let the kids speak in their own words and after I told them the story of Conner they dictated to me what they wanted to say. Josiah said, "I hate it when people die, but I am glad you are with Jesus now." Caleb said, "Bow to Jesus and say 'hi' to God for me." Daniel said, "Hello, my name is Daniel. Happy Valentine's Day!" (I think he thought the red was for Valentine's Day, but either way it was sweet!) For Naomi I wrote, "Jesus loves you and all you family. We miss you!" I tried to round all the kiddos up before I gave them their balloons, but by myself this was the best I could do!

Caleb let go of his balloon prematurely and you can see he is not happy about it. I told them from the start that they were not going to keep their balloons, so they knew that. I just think he wasn't ready to let it go yet. Appropriately though, he is showing the emotion I am sure that those close to Conner feel most every day that they think of him. I can't imagine how sad and difficult it must be to endure the death of your child long before their time. Please pray for this family and others like them that have gone through this!

You can see three of the balloons in this shot if you look closely. Naomi's heart balloon for Conner is visible in the foreground. It was a gloomy day today, but I know Conner is smiling on the other side of those clouds as he sees the balloons coming his way! This was a good thing for my kiddos to do today to help them think of other people and the fragility of life! Blessings and prayers go out to you Jones' family on this difficult day!

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