Saturday, June 25, 2011

Josiah's 6th B-day--part 2

This year for Josiah's party, he again wanted a Lightning McQueen theme. And lucky for us, the night before his party, "Cars 2" premiered in the theaters! It was fun to take him on a little date just him and us! Also lucky for us, we have LOADS of "Cars" paraphernalia that we have accumulated through the years. I used all of this for the decorations and it worked out great! For the party day, it was thankfully nice and sunny and so we were able as in past years to get out the sprinkler, water guns, and wading pool for all the kiddos. Josiah was taking a break here from the action for a bit, just enough for me to snap a photo!

The kids always LOVE to have water fights and Jaiden was especially excited about the big super soakers and was running around trying to get everyone. We had to make rules about WHO could be "gotten" because some people were getting wet that didn't want to. Most of the kids neglected to follow these rules (go figure) and so people just got wet anyway!

We had lots of people come to the party and it was quite a full house here as you can see! Josiah all of a sudden got super shy and WOULD NOT come in to have us sing to him. In past years, he has been shy about the singing part, but this time he bodily refused. As you can see, Daddy had to wrangle him back near the cake so we weren't singing to an empty chair. He wouldn't blow out his candle either and so the other kids did it for him. At first he didn't want cake, but then magically somehow after everyone was eating and the attention was off of him, he wanted some.

Our sweet little shy Josiah! His Daddy isn't too fond of pictures either and being in the spotlight, so I guess he has the same inclinations! Here is a video clip of what happened.

Our babysitter Sharel and her boyfriend Michael and also her sister Laura (another of our babysitters) came to the party too and the kids always have fun interacting with all three of them. Daniel was enjoying some of the pinata loot here with Sharel holding onto him. We had a Lightning McQueen pinata of course and it was the kind where you pull strings to see which string opens the pinata. Josiah pulled the first string and Caleb pulled the 2nd and it was a winner! Usually it takes quite a while, but Caleb was so excited to be the one to open it!

Naomi was very interested in all the goings-on of course and we got her dressed in her little ballerina suit and cover-up and she was toddling around to look at everything. Grandpa would always scoop her up though whenever she was near to get some hugs and kisses in!

Josiah started an impromptu game of Limbo and his friend Bryce is getting ready to limbo down the slide. He was singing, "Limbo, limbo, LIM-BO!" as they would go down.

Caleb was having a B-L-A-S-T at the party! When he woke up from his nap he was elated to get in his suit and then was running around with the squirt guns shooting people with water as quickly as he could get them filled up. He got Josiah once and gave this evil little, "HA ha ha!" laugh as he ran away. Josiah wasn't happy to have been "gotten" and pouted for a while! Caleb was soaked almost the entire time, but didn't complain a bit! When I went to take off his suit at the end of the day he was VERY unhappy and wanted his soaking wet suit back on again! Daniel had fun too of course, but wasn't as in to the water as his brother was.

Here is a shy Miss Naomi making her debut in her cute little suit and cover-up!

Josiah was having fun here with his pail helmet and squirt gun. The kids had a great time and my mom heard one of them say, " This is the best birthday party E-VER!" Josiah had a great time too and got to make lots of fun memories with his friends that came. Happy birthday to our oldest Pumpkinhead, Josiah!

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