Saturday, July 02, 2011

Isaac's B-day Party

My dear friend Melissa's son, Isaac, had his 9th birthday party and we were again blessed to be able to celebrate with them. Isaac had an Army theme for his party and his relatives all gave him some great gear for camping and hiking. It was also a nice sunny day for his party and so the kids got in some water play here as well. After they got pretty wet, they came in for some cake and Melissa was telling us about how much she loved Isaac and about how he has always had a servant's heart and puts other people first. And he does!

They played a pass the balloon game and when the music stopped whoever was left with the balloon was out. Also if you broke the balloon you were out too. The kids were laughing so hard during the game and just loved playing.

Then they had a water balloon fight. Isaac's Dad, Bill, put a line of balloons on one side of the yard and had the kids line up on the other and let the younger kids run to the line first and then sent the older kids and then they could grab one balloon and take their shot. Of course, Isaac's uncles did things like dump large buckets of water on those that dared come near and so it was fun to watch.

Here they all are running for their balloons!

Isaac's Uncle Joe got him pretty good here as you can see! He was loving it though for sure! It was bittersweet to be here knowing that we will not be here for his party next year. We love you Ciccone's and will miss you! As a side note, it turns out that they will be living in our old house in Milton so...we KNOW where you live! Happy birthday to Isaac and blessings to you guys!

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