Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Bed Set!

Well, for the first time since we have been married, we got a bed frame and some furniture to match in our least on my side for now. My mom got me a dresser and a side table and then later as an anniversary/VERY early Christmas gift, a bed frame that matched them (and a side table for David that I still need to put together). The side table and dresser came together fairly easily (which I built on different days than the bed frame), though I made a couple of mistakes on each and then there was the bed frame. (Cue scary music and an evil witch's laugh) Du-du-DUH!!

Sooo, it was supposed to be a surprise for David when he got home one evening, and I envisioned having it all made when he came home from work. Ummmm--NOT! As usual, I underestimated the project and not only did it take longer, but there were some major problems that had to be overcome. I found that near one of the last steps, I put the headboard together wrong (the sides were flip flopped) and so I had to take apart a good deal of it to fix the problem. Afterward, it was fairly easy to put the frame together and then with some help from David managed to get the Sleep Number device that hooked to the bed under the frame and made the bed ready for sleep that evening. And then (cue more scary music) Du-du-DUH...AGAIN!

I laid on the bed and....KER-PLUNK....the bed fell through the frame. So the IKEA peeps at the store told us that we did not need slats because we had a box spring for our mattress. Well, actually we have twin foundations it turns out (I forgot) and because of that, the weight was distributed differently and consequently we DID need slats. Thankfully my mom was still here at the time, and she made the trek back to IKEA to pick up slats.

Needless to say, by this time my arms were sore from wrestling with the bed, I was disappointed because the bed wasn't ready when David came home, and now I had to take the heavy mattress and foundations back off the bed in preparation for when the slats came home. I was glad to find out that putting the slats on was as easy as just laying them down, but the hard part then was to find a way to sneak the Sleep Number device under the mattress, under the foundation and now also UNDER the slats. It was hard work even with two people, but we managed to "get 'er done" and finally as my aching biceps were crying out for rest, I finally got to enjoy the bed!

The final product looks really nice though and it is nice to have them. Thanks Mom!

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