Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Naomi Update!

Our sweet little Naomi is nearing her 17th month here on July 25th and her personality is showing more and more as she grows. She loves to cuddle with her blankie in the morning and won't leave her bed without one when I come and get her. She doesn't cry when she wakes up, she will just be sitting in her bed wrapped in a blanket with her pacifier as quiet as can be, but will pop right up when she sees me come in. I usually hold her for a bit and then bring her to her high chair to eat breakfast, and this particular morning she wanted her blankie wrapped around her while she sat waiting for her breakfast to be served.

She absolutely LOVES animals and she frequently plays with Echo and goes and tries to hug her or sit on her. Echo is not fond of being a pony though and usually gets up when she does that. Echo has a scowl on her face here, but most of the time she was licking Naomi as they were playing. Naomi barks at dogs by bobbing her head and saying, "Ooo, ooo, ooo!" Here is a link to a video of her eating an apple.

When I ask her questions now, she will respond with a yes or a no. For her "no" she shakes her head vigorously and says, "Uh-uh!" And for for "yes" she will either smile and head in the direction of what she wants or will say, "Yea." She will say nothing but "Ma-Ma" now when we try to get her to say "Da-da" and when we take her away from something she wants she puts on her grumpy face! It is a pouty lip with some very serious eyebrows to go with it! Needless to say, I am not convinced and can usually get grumpy baby to smile again pretty quickly.

She is a very sensitive little soul too as evidenced by the time she threw her plate on the floor and both David and I said, "NO!" and she got a big pouty lip and turned her head away from us and then started to cry and turn red. When I leave for a bit, she will roam the house saying, "Ba-Ba" or "Ma-Ma" and will keep looking around for me. She points to most everything and says, "Umm-BAH?" She frequently brings us books which she calls "BA" also and wants me to read to her. When she sees a baby face or an animal she makes a sound like "Gula-gula-gula-gula" with a big smile. She points to various parts on her face when we name them and especially loves to point to noses.

She gets picked on by her brothers and lets them know WHAT FOR when it happens! She comes to Mommy for comfort and protection from her mean old big brothers. They are learning how to treat a lady and sometimes don't always cut the mustard by princess standards you see!

She LOVES her mashed potatoes and when she saw them on her plate the other day I heard her say, "YEAH" and she smiled really big. She is on a meat strike currently for whatever reason, so we will see if she will get off that at some point again. She is finally getting more teeth and at current count I think she has around 11? Still not all in yet, and that is a guess actually as I can't get her to keep her mouth open long enough to see them all. She has big teeth like me though I have noticed.

We love our little princess and I have had a blast getting to know what having a little girl is like. Such fun! So different!

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