Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bathroom Redecoration--AKA Comet Tower

Why you may ask have I chosen to decorate my bathroom in such a manner? I will give you 4 guesses and the first two do not count! Why yes, in a matter of about 5 minutes (when they were supposed to be washing their hands) the twins unwrapped many rolls of toilet paper and found the Comet that was hidden way in the back of the cupboard behind the rolls of toilet paper (which has been there without incident forever) and proceeded to make the mess you now see here. Meanwhile, I am eating my breakfast, and not hearing any shrieking peals of laughter or silence, I was not yet alerted to the fact that there was a mess being made. I was cued into the disaster when Caleb ran out saying, "Mommy, Uh-OH" and was covered with a powdered substance of some kind. At first I thought perhaps it was baby powder, and then quickly ran to check and discovered this lovely creation.

Needless to say the twins were escorted promptly into their room to remain there until the mess was cleaned up. It was SO toxic in the bathroom, I could hardly breathe and started coughing immediately. I grabbed a mask to wear (I thankfully had one lying around) and got to work. I had to sweep up all the Comet and put it all in the bathtub. The bathtub got quite a scrubbing that day! As I was doing that, my mom came into the bathroom (they were there early to take the boat over the mountains and the truck and boat were parked at our house) and she said, "What happened here?" Yup....I let her guess too! She told my Dad, "Do you need to go to the bathroom Paul...if so, there has been an 'incident'!" Ahhhh....yes, an incident indeed. Well, after they left, I cleaned the floors and then had to get the vacuum out to vacuum the Comet they tracked on the carpet outside the bathroom as well.

Did I mention yet we have lovingly named them "The Troublesome Trucks?" I think "Twin Tornadoes" has a great ring to it to, wouldn't you say?

And today just as a bonus, I put out some gel pens and notepads that I got for them for Christmas that I found (I had put them away....wonder why?) and for a while they were using them properly. As I was getting dinner ready they started to unscrew the tops and Caleb thought it was a wonderful idea to bite on the tube of ink. I heard him gagging and looked over to see a purple, sparkly mouth and tongue. I rushed him to the bathroom and washed all the ink out of his mouth with water and cleaned off the table afterward. Honestly....where do they come up with these things?

I have learned...when you THINK you have everything child-proofed and figured out, twins have a way of finding the chinks in your defenses in the least likely of places. We have often joked that we could hire our children out as professional child-proofing checkers. They would do a thorough job I assure you! And lastly, I say...you have to laugh at these things and we do. However, when you think of me...say a prayer as I really do need it!

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50 Chubby Toes said...

Oh! My! An Incident Indeed!!! I really hope you keep up blogging when you move to the other side of the mountains. I sure am going to miss you and your kiddos. Thanks for throwing me the best baby shower! I absolutely LOVED it when we played guess the nursery song with you on the piano! So much laughter went on during that! And my boys all 5 of them (wink!wink!) were VERY thankful that Sis and I brought home some yummy cake! Hugs Friend, EMichelle