Friday, June 24, 2011

Josiah's 6th B-day--part 1

One of our traditions that we have started with regard to birthdays is to not always give all of the presents on the actual party day. We have found that when we spread them out a bit it is more fun for the whole week and also he can play with each thing as he gets it rather than be overwhelmed with too many things all at once. Today, Grandma brought over some neat photo books that she made of Josiah's life from his birth until now. This was a very special gift and one that he can look back on years from now and enjoy it! He was reading the text that Grandma wrote underneath the pictures himself and loved seeing the pictures of him as a little boy.

Later after dinner the same day, Josiah opened Grandma and Grandpa's gift of a scooter and some knee pads/elbow pads. He really wanted a scooter and so was thrilled when he got one. He found it was a little harder to balance on the scooter than he thought though and was a little frustrated that he couldn't do it right away. After a day of having it however, he is trying it out more and is getting more confident with it.

This morning we let Josiah open our present to him, the V-8 cafe from the Cars 2 movie. This was also a gift he really wanted and we were glad that Lego made a set with the Lightning McQueen characters! Josiah helped me put the set together and enjoyed playing with it as well.

Here he is posing with his newly put together set! Later this same day, we took him to see the movie Cars 2 for his birthday date with Mommy & Daddy. It was a really cute movie and he got to eat popcorn and enjoy the undivided time with his parents. We are looking forward to his party tomorrow and hope the weather holds!

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