Monday, June 13, 2011

Boys, Sun and Hours of Fun

Daddy discovered a new fun game to play with the boys. One at a time they stand on the little kiddie table and he throws a ball at them for them to catch and then they throw it back to him. You wouldn't think that a simple game of catch would get them going so, but they all were dying to do this over and over one day. The rule was they couldn't throw it off the deck or the game was over. That way Daddy wasn't chasing it all over the yard every time they threw it at him.

They took turns for quite a while this one evening and they had some great quality Daddy time in the process. We call that "filling their Daddy buckets" around here. Of course, the Daddy buckets are never fully filled and Daddy is very much OK with that!

Daniel was so giddy and laughed the whole time he played the game.

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