Sunday, June 12, 2011

Student Recital 2011

This was the last recital I will have with these students before we move! It was a bittersweet moment for sure! One of the flute players is not pictured here because she had another engagement, but since I cut my studio in half this year I had fewer students in this recital. The students did a wonderful job and I have had many of them since the first year we arrived here in Milton! It has been the longest I have been anywhere as a teacher, and so it has been fun to develop the relationship with these kids and see them progress from so many years ago! I had 4 flute players and 3 piano players perform at the recital today. I had one other piano player that was unable to attend the recital that I taught this year also. Picture with me above are Maria, Nathalie, Joe, Hannah & Rudy.

I also had a great opportunity to perform as well at this recital! Jim Kelsey (pictured here) is a local band director who has been my flute player's accompanist this past two years. He wrote a flute sonata when he was getting his master's degree at Central Washington University (my Alma mater) and wanted me to take a look at it and give my opinion. I liked it and thought it would be fun to perform, and since he never has performed it before, he was delighted to do so. He brought in someone to record the whole recital, and so we all got a CD of this recital as a neat memory for years to come. I posted the video of me performing this piece on our youtube channel, so feel free to click the link and listen. It is an 18 minute number so be prepared to be doing other things as you listen! I always love having an opportunity to play my flute and this was a fun performance!

Thank you to all my students! I will miss you greatly!

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