Monday, August 15, 2011

The Big Move--2

I worked on getting the play room finished pretty much by the 2nd day as I wanted the kids to have someplace to hang out while I was unpacking the rest of the house. I spent a long time that one night going through all the toys and deciding what would go where and this is the arrangement I came up with for now. We have Legos on the left side table, various toys in the dresser, the kid's computer/tv set up on top of the dresser (hence the rocking chair there), then all the other kinds of toys on the other side of the room (there is another bookshelf I used for toys on the right side wall). It works SO nicely to have a dedicated room for toys. They do creep into other rooms of course, but that is a perfect task for little kids to do to collect them and bring them back to the playroom! The other half of this room (behind the camera lady) is the homeschool room, which I will eventually take a picture of. It is done now, but I wanted to decorate it more before I shared a picture.

We put all the boys in one room and at first thought it would be hard to transition Josiah from being in his own room to being in a room with the twins, but really it wasn't a big deal at all! Josiah is a heavy sleeper and many times he just sleeps through their crazy antics. Once again though, just dressers and beds in the room so they are less likely to completely trash it!

Naomi's room turned out very nicely too. We put the guest bed in her room again and it had this cute little horse trim around the ledge that she just loves. She talks to the horses when I change her many times in fact. I still need to take a picture of the back yard, but I was sort of waiting to do so when I finished weeding the garden plot, which was quite overgrown. More to come in the future on that!

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50 Chubby Toes said...

Hi Friend! Love the pictures! I'm so happy for you and your family! What a wonderful home you have {hugs!} My Airman is gone until the 26th so right now I'm going solo with my 6! I thought I caught a glimpse of your Mom at church on Sunday! Well if it wasn't, I thought it was, and it made me think of you and pray for you. Hugs, E