Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moses Lake Park Stop

This post is QUITE a bit late in coming, but the reason I have been so behind isn't perhaps what you would think with a recent move and all that. Really, I have had a bit of writer's block and along with something else that is going on right now (to be mentioned in a later post) and the normal business of life, the blog has been sorely neglected. I keep reminding myself though that someday this will be a great remembering tool for my kiddos and for me, so that I will have not one or two, but MANY fun stories to tell them about their childhood. So, I keep on keeping on even in the midst of all that is going on!

This picture is of Josiah and Naomi on our last Sunday at Bethany as they were going to their Sunday School classes. Josiah and Naomi are buddies now and it is fun to watch them play together.

The journey TO our new home was not without many adventures! I can't recall if I mentioned in the "Big Move" posts that we had a bit of a problem with the moving truck. They were not able to fit all of our stuff in one truck and had to call in a second truck, which put a bit of a delay on when I wanted to leave Milton. It turned out that the movers stayed with all the stuff on our lawn to wait for the second truck and we left close to the time we planned and just locked up the old house behind us after we finished cleaning. My parents caravaned with me in their car and one twin and Josiah rode with them and I had the other twin and Naomi in my car. We would switch twins at various stopping points along the way. And believe me when I tell you, there was a very distinct NEED to switch twins quite often on the trip! We made our traditional stop in Moses Lake, despite it being around 6:45pm or so because the boys just needed to get their wiggles out. Naomi enjoyed the time out and about as well.

Caleb was a trouper for the whole trip and didn't complain too much really. He got a little finicky right before we went to the park, but did better after he got to run around. He enjoyed looking at all the sites as we went by them and such, but never did take a nap until really it was nighttime and time for bed.

Daniel, although very cute and innocent looking in this picture, was NOT so easy a traveler! He was constantly looking off into the distance and pointing to buildings and saying, "Is that our new house?" and "I wanna ride in GRANDma's car," and the most infamous (and very frequent throughout the trip), "I have to go potty!" I kid you not, we probably stopped at every possible rest stop known to Snoqualmie Pass and beyond for that kid and of course he wanted to switch cars every time as well. I would like to note also that at one stop where there was more of a port-a-potty, he REFUSED to go in and I had to take the boys to a well hidden cluster of trees to pee instead. Thankfully, they are boys and that worked OK, but man....what a pain! I am sure this was Daniel's way of showing he was stressed out by the move and he also DID NOT nap, much to both my and the grandparents dismay.
Josiah did pretty well on the trip, though also toward the end he was giving in to being silly and fighting with his brothers in Grandma's car. He of course enjoyed the park also and was showing me this feather he found there.

After the park, I finally had a crashed out Caleb-ee in the car until we hit the freeway construction right outside Spokane, when he woke up and started fussing again. He was awake for a good bit of the last portion, but thankfully once I got the boys to the hotel where David was (he left hours earlier thinking he would be there when the truck left, but because of the problem the moving truck didn't leave until later and we unloaded the next morning) they all crashed out there almost right away upon getting into their jammies and bed. I meanwhile, took Naomi to Grandma and Grandpa's hotel (because they had a crib for her there and the other one did not) and then proceeded to the new house to unload the refrigerator/freezer stuff we had brought. This only to discover that the fridge was not working (unbeknown to the landlords who thought it was working fine) at about 10:30pm at night. Thankfully, I was also headed to my friend Janeen's house to give her some things for Echo (as doggie spent the night at her place) and she also allowed me to store my fridge/freezer stuff in her extra garage fridge/freezer. All was well that ended well, but man was I tired that day!

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