Sunday, September 11, 2011

Leiloni's Visit

About a week after Sarah came to visit, another west-side friend paid us a visit! Leiloni and her kiddos were headed to a couple of weddings (twin girls getting married a day apart) in Utah and she was making her way to Montana to ride down with one of her relatives, so a stop in Spokane was a nice respite on the journey there. Here is Leiloni holding Judah just before they piled back in the car.

Miss Eliana is about 6 months younger than Naomi, but they had fun playing together. Naomi loved having another little baby here for sure!

Caleb, Daniel and Judah are having fun here just before they left for Montana. I thankfully remembered to get the camera out before they left this time!

Asher was playing Legos with Josiah, but when he found out it was time to leave he started to pout in the corner and wouldn't let me take his picture.

However, I am sneaky like that and got him as he was coming out to the car anyway!

Noah was happy to pose with his baby sister. He loves her a lot and frequently asked me if I thought she was pretty. And yes, she is a very pretty little baby! :) Thanks Leiloni and crew for stopping by and visiting with us, it was great to have you here!

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